The embanews magazine is a monthly periodical specialized in conditioning, bottling, logistics, packaging, machines, equipments and support services. The embanews magazine is directed to professionals in the above sectors and in the cardboard, flexibles, metals, plastics, glass, foodstuffs, drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceutics and other fields. The embanews magazine is the most widely read in the market in which it specializes.

- During this period embanews published the largest number of first hand news, reaching a large readership. Each copy of embanews circulates, on average, among 4.3 professionals through the circulation system existed in the companies.

- During this period, embanews was the publication which could guarantee the largest number of pages of advertisements, compared to other magazines in the sector, both in the number of advertisements included in one-printing-only advertisements, and in the number of permanent advertisers. Some companies have maintained advertisements since the first issue of embanews, without missing a month, showing that embanews offers worthwhile returns to its advertisers.

Editorial guide line

The editorial guide line of embanews is aimed to the sectors of food, drinks, packaging, health and hygiene, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, horticulture, fruit culture, toys, cleaning, chemicals, electro-electronics among others, with themes which reach from the design of a product to the technology of processing, machines and prime materials, also tackling topics such as storage and transport of products, by unit and by volume, from the point of view of all types of material such as steel, aluminum, cardboard, flexibles, tin plates, wood, paper, corrugated cardboard, plastic and glass.
Embanews publishes monthly, in its various sections, first hand information of interest to the reader, covering directly or indirectly the areas of operation of those who advertise in each edition.

Reader profile

Through an annual research, embanews identifies the characteristics and expectations of its readers. The most recent research project showed that:

In the operating sector of the reader:
Final consumers of packages
28% Representatives or producers of packaging
06% Representatives or producers of prime and related materials
07% Representatives or producers of machines and equipment
02% Agencies of designers, public institutions and associations

In the area of professional operation of the reader:
Supplies and purchases
27% Directors and management
19% Production, quality control and logistics
13% Product planning, marketing, sales and technical attendance
03% Training, library, research and others

General information on technical structure

1. Periodicity: Monthly
2. Circulation: 15,000 copies
3. Dead lines and publishing dates
__ 3.1. Reservation of space & authorization: Until the 1st day of the month prior
__ to the cover date
__ 3.2. Screened film and advertisements: Until the 2nd day of the month prior to
__ the cover date
__ 3.3. Circulation: From the 5th day of the cover date

The above deadlines are rigorously accomplished

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